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Re: Sun in H alpha this morning

September 17th 2021

As a follow up, I have gone back to the same underlying data and have processed them with a simulated occulting disk to reveal three of the prominences on view in H-alpha on 7th September at 12:17 BST. Solar disk has had same 195 degree rotation applied as in last week's image. Chris H On 07/09/2021 17:45, Chris Holt chris.holt@PROTECTED [Abingdon Astronomical Society Mailing List] wrote: From: ...Continue Reading

Fwd: Events with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory: from the James Webb Space Telescope to Coding Workshops

September 17th 2021

News of forthcoming online events at RAL, Daresbury and ROE. Chris H -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Events with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory: from the James Webb Space Telescope to Coding Workshops Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 16:46:22 +0000 Good afternoon, We hope that you are all keeping safe and well, and that you had a wonderful summer.   We are planning an exciting series of events over the autumn, and ...Continue Reading

Fwd: [Infofassocs] Brecon Beacons Dark Skies Festival 2021 24-26th September

September 17th 2021

News of a virtual star party from the Brecon Beacons - essentially a series of low price online talks over three days. Chris H -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: [Infofassocs] Brecon Beacons Dark Skies Festival 2021 24-26th September Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:42:34 +0100 To Events & Info List. Dear all Nick Busby the Chairman of USK Astronomical Society has sent the following details of the B ...Continue Reading

ROE virtual open days later in September

September 15th 2021

My attention has been drawn to virtual open days at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. They are on 25th and 26th September and further details are here: https://www.roe.ac.uk/vdod2021/ Chris H ...Continue Reading

Monday's talk.

September 15th 2021

A very interesting and informative talk to start the season.My thanks to Owen and the committee for organising this season's programme in these difficult times!Chris P. ...Continue Reading

Marlborough dark skies festival

September 11th 2021

Just in case you are interested there is a dark skies festival in Marlborough in late October. Details at Marlborough Dark Skies Festival (thelittleboxoffice.com) but it seems to feature many of the social media “stars” Owne ...Continue Reading

Fwd: Talking Science at RAL - September talk booking is open

September 7th 2021

News of a RAL Zoom talk later in the month. Chris H -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Talking Science at RAL - September talk booking is open Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2021 13:13:35 +0000 Good afternoon I am happy to announce that bookings are now open for our September Talking Science lecture: FRIDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, 19:00 - A glowing report: Microbes & Space Radiation (suitable for ages 15+) by ...Continue Reading

Sun in H alpha this morning

September 7th 2021

An image of the Sun in hydrogen alpha from 12:17 BST today. The clear and stable conditions permitted this first reasonable image with my Sol'Ex digital spectroheliograph and a 135 mm f/2.8 prime lens, Hoya ND x 16 filter, 3x teleconverter and Celestron Neximage Burst M camera. They were piggy backed on to the 60 mm refractor with Herschel wedge and ND3 filter, acting as finderscope, on my Stellarvue M4 mount. 7109 frames of 1280 x 100 pixels, of 1.5 ms exposure and gain 100, from a 127 ...Continue Reading

Re: Perseid meteor

August 16th 2021

Hello!I cannot compete with your amazing photos but I put my Samsung to take a picture and I got one as I was sleeping outside at my dads house. Have a great week!CristinaSent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Sun, 15 Aug 2021 at 22:59, Chris Holt chris.holt@PROTECTED [Abingdon Astronomical Society Mailing List]<aasmail@PROTECTED> wrote: From: chris.holt@PROTECTED Thank you, David. I have much to learn about astronomical image processing, and y ...Continue Reading

Re: Perseid meteor

August 15th 2021

Thank you, David. I have much to learn about astronomical image processing, and your enhancement prompted me to look up how to do a nonlinear histogram stretch in gimp. It's possible and described here: https://remoteastrophotography.com/2020/01/performing-a-nonlinear-stretch-in-gimp , for any other gimp users amongst us. Chris H On 15/08/2021 13:40, David Warr david.warr@PROTECTED [Abingdon Astronomical Society Mailing List] wrote: From: ...Continue Reading
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