A difficult Lunar occultation of Saturn

On October 25th Saturn will be occulted by the Moon. The Sun will still be up when the occultation begins so if you decide to try for this event please be very, very careful not to accidently look at the Sun.

For Abingdon, the occultation begins at 17:03 BST, when Saturn will disappear behind the dark limb of the Moon.

At 18:07 BST Saturn reappears from behind the bright limb of the Moon. By now the Sun will have (just) set, but the Moon will only be 6 degrees above the horizon.

Clear Skies.

Opposition of Uranus

Uranus is at opposition on the night of October 7th 2014. See the map below:

The map above is for 8pm BST on the evening of the 7th October. At opposition the Earth is between the planet and the Sun. This means Uranus will rise at sunset and set at sunrise, so you have all night to view the planet. It will be at its highest at about 1:00pm BST on the 8th October.

You will need a pair of binoculars or a telescope of any size at x100 to see it’s disk. Being so far away (19.2AU from the Sun) it has a very small angular size: between 3 and 4 arcseconds. Its just big enough for you to see it is a non stellar point, but it is very small. It will have a blue/green colour.

Clear Skies,