Local Societies
The Federation of Astronomical Societies
Abingdon AS is a member of the FAS. This site lists most amateur ASs in the UK and has hypertext links to many of them, as well as FAS information and details of conventions.

All amateur astronomical societies in the south of England are listed in AstroSouth 2010.


Hanwell Community Observatory, the community observatory near Banbury in the north of Oxfordshire.

Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group, a neighbouring AS to the north.

Aylesbury AS, another neighbouring AS to the north-east.

Wycombe AS, a neighbouring AS to the east.

Reading AS, our neighbouring AS to the south-east.

Newbury AAS, our neighbouring AS to the south.

Hampshire Astronomical Group, another AS to the south

Andover Astronomical Society, our neighbouring AS to the south west.

Wiltshire Astronomical Society, a neighbouring AS to the west.

Swindon Stargazers, another neighbouring AS to the west.


Other Societies, Society Lists and Related Links
Manchester Astronomical Society, the provincial astronomical society with the longest continuous history in England.

Paul’s Astronomy Site, astronomical website by the secretary of Wycombe AS. Includes articles aimed at beginners.


Member’s Websites

Paul McGale, Paul shows what can be done from the suburbs of Oxford with some narrow band filters and a lot of patience.

Cliff Jones, Cliff Jone’s astrophotography site.

Julian Mole, Julian Mole’s gallery of astrophotography.

Deborah Hambly. Fancy an astronomical holiday in New Zealand Then contact Astronomy Adventures (NZ). Come see the Starry Splendour of the Southern Sky! Courtesy of former AAS member Deborah Hambly.


Astronomical Information

NASA’s Space Place. NASA’s space website for children.

NASA’s Climate Kids. NASA’s climate website for children.

NOAA’s SciJinks. NASA and NOAA weather website for children.

Current European Weather, this site has links to sources of weather satellite data for Europe. Five day weather forecast for Oxford, UK from – will it be OK for the observing evening?

Latest IR image for UK and Europe. See where the clouds are in the latest IR satellite image for Europe and N. Africa.

Heavens-Above, for predictions of satellite visibility and much other astronomical information.

StarTimes, latest astronomy and space news from all manner of media sources.

Sky Router, a major portal to astronomy related Internet resources based in Ireland.

Astroplace, a large astronomy portal aimed at amateurs, educators and professionals.

HM Nautical Almanac Office’s Eclipse page, the official UK website for lunar and solar eclipses.

NASA’s Eclipse page (Fred Espenak), the website for lunar and solar eclipses.

British Astronomical Association Home Page, BAA information and news.

Campaign For Dark Skies, a British Astronomical Association initiative to campaign for a reduction in the amount of light pollution so that more people can appreciate the wonders of the heavens.

Milky Way panorama images, 360° panorama images of the Milky Way from the University of Potsdam in Germany.

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